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Vital Tradition connects people with the outdoors, plain and simple. Whether folks are interested in fishing, hunting, shooting, gardening, or camping, Vital Tradition is about making memories outdoors.

Vital Tradition aims to cultivate new generations of hunters, anglers, shooters, campers, and gardeners through instruction, online education, and personal experience which help to preserve our shared outdoor heritage in the process.

We hope to help adults and youth with no prior outdoor experience, knowledge, or support bridge the gap between interest and action.

Vital Tradition was started by 3 family members who loved the outdoors and loved sharing moments outdoors with others. All three founding members had various experiences with fishing and hunting growing up, but because they were naturally curious and ambitious, each branched out into other outdoor pursuits as adults. The personal struggles faced in these new adventures, without the knowledge and support traditionally provided to youth by older family members is what inspired the creation of Vital Tradition.


Veteran & IT


I am an Army veteran and worked in IT for many years. I love the outdoors, cooking, and family. Father of 2 (ages 18 and 9)


Certified Anesthetist


I work at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics taking care of patients. I love the outdoors and learning new things. Father of 3 boys (ages 4,4,2)


Environmental Scientist & CFO


I work for a non-profit as their CFO. I love the outdoors and spending time with family. Father of 2 (ages 4 and 2)

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