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How to Silence a Tree Stand

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Lone Wolf Alpha Mobile Tree Stand
How to Silence a Tree Stand

All it takes is one metal clang of a buckle on the stand to sound the alarm to every animal around that you are not natural. Throw in some more noises and dropping of equipment because you are new to using a tree stand and you have a recipe for a nice lonely sit in the woods. So if you do not have a lot of experience, then how do you silence a tree stand?

Fortunately, there are three quick and simple modifications you can do to your tree stand right out of the box to significantly reduce the chances of you blowing out the entire woods before the sun even comes up.

3 Simple Ways to Silence a Tree Stand:

  1. Apply buckle strap covers

  2. Place silencing cloth tape around exposed metal

  3. Paracord wrap the tree stand base

Buckle Strap Covers

Every mobile tree stand will have a series of straps that will attach the stand and climbing sticks to the tree. These straps will tighten either by rachet or by friction pull. No matter which mechanical function the straps utilize to keep tension on the tree, each will have a buckle that will most likely be made of exposed metal. This small square of metal when tossed, dropped, or dangled against another piece of your metal stand or sticks is what will create noise to send those deer running. The solution is to cover the exposed metal with a noise dampening material. The two prominent ways of doing this are using cloth tape or by sliding a neoprene cover of them.

After careful consideration I chose the neoprene cover for three reasons:

  • Easy to apply

  • Silences (covers) the entire buckle

  • Insulates the buckle from cold weather to some extent

The quickest and easiest way to apply this mod is to buy kayak paddle grips (YAK grips) and cut them in half or to the length of your buckle. Then superglue the stitching seam that you cut so it does not unravel. After the super glue dries, slide the YAK grip over each buckle.

Silencing Cloth Tape

Silencing cloth tape (also referred to by some companies as stealth strips) is a product that functions and applies just like any other roll of tape. However, the material is thicker and has a felt type top layer that prevents loud clingy noise. These tape rolls or strips can be purchased by the roll or you can purchase a kit specifically made for your make and model of mobile treestand from Stealth Outdoors. To apply the strips or tape, simply cut the tape to the desired length of metal you are trying to cover, peel back the paper backing, and apply the strip. Complete this process until as much exposed metal is covered.

Paracord Wrap

Paracord is super useful for just about any outdoor adventure. For mobile tree stands it is great for wrapping the stand platform front edge and inside framework so that the hunter can feel a distinct edge to the platform through their boot, and it will silence and possible noise that would be produced on contact when transporting the stand and sticks. To complete the wrap, simply cut the paracord into 10-foot sections and start wrapping. Tie a knot at the beginning and end, and consider super gluing the knot. Once the knot is tied, cut off any excess paracord. You can wrap any part you want, and the silencing tape and paracord are interchangeable for some parts of the stand and sticks. However, be aware paracord will change the thickness of parts you wrap which may alter the ability of factory snug fit layout when packing the mobile tree stand and sticks.

The best part about all these modifications is that they are almost all under $20 and you can customize your stand and sticks to suit you and your use in the woods. Don’t blow another hunt with loud metal noises and try silencing your own gear. You will be amazed at how much difference a piece of neoprene, tape, and paracord will make.


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